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Our Partners

We are partnering with the best Data Governance and MDM vendors in the market. Recommending, designing and implementing solutions tailored for your business and user needs.


A vendor with a modern approach to Data Governance. With a graph database, Cluedin promise fast implementation and less upfront modelling. As the first vendor with direct integration to OpenAI, CluedIn is an excellent choice when creating a data fabric connecting both structured and unstructured data.

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According to Gartner® Magic Quadrant, Informatica has been leading the MDM Solution industry since the reporting began. We offer guidance and implementation of their MDM and out of the box Business 360 solutions to help organizations achieve trusted, connected, and contextual master data.

Read more about Informatica.

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A Master Data Management platform with a unique user centric approach. Helps you handle the struggle with scattered, duplicated and low-quality data. The Profisee platform is known for simple deployment and will enable properly governed data that can be trusted across your organization

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