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Data Governance

Expert consulting to achieve digital solutions with high quality data.
We focus on your business from start to finish.

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Data Governance Consulting

With a pragmatic approach 

Whatever your project needs: we’ll have them covered. Our teams and individuals deliver anything from business analysis to solution design and implementation. We believe in a pragmatic approach, agile methods and a touch of common sense.

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What are your business needs? Which problems and opportunities should be addressed? Key questions and critical input for design.


Master data, solution architecture and user experience are key elements for a design to be successfully implemented.


Professional data engineering, project and change management is necessary for successful implementations. 

We know the stuff and things


There are two sides to business digitalisation. Externally, focus is to increase revenue by developing products or services. Internally, focus is to increase process efficiency. No matter the focus, data governance is key to success.

Finding the balance between data quality, discovery and integrity can be difficult. It depends on several factors such as process complexity, change management, technology, data volume, change pace, regulations and legal compliance.


We have experience from MDM, ERP, PLM & CRM implementations, autonomous drive platforms, digital twins, customer portals, e-commerce platforms and knowledge management solutions. Our industry expertise is within Automotive, Medtech, Retail, Manufacturing and Finance.  


Magilo provides teams or individuals for roles such as:
Data Engineer, MDM specialist, Information Architect, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Solution architect, Data Scientist.

Our partners

We are partnering with the best Data Governance and MDM vendors in the market. Recommending, designing and implementing solutions tailored for your business and user needs.

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About Magilo

Your friendly and competent doers

Magilo is all about competence, friendliness and integrity. For us and for you. We are also strong believers in common sense and aim to demystify buzzwords, properly understanding your problem before talking implementation or deciding on solution. Our consultants are devoted to delivering quality and to exceed your expectations. We are always looking for additional team members and clients who share our philosophy. 

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Contact us

We are always looking for additional team members and clients who share our philosophy. Are you curious about Data Governance, or interested in joining our team? Do not hesitate to contact us.

+46 72 575 09 11

Kungsgatan 10A  |  411 19  |   Göteborg, Sweden

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